Temporary Jobs in South Africa

Temporary jobs in South Africa are usually easier to find as South African employers are often less enthusiastic about hiring employees on a full time basis due to labour disputes, union demands and full time employee benefits. While a temporary job does mean that you will get less benefits than a full time employee, your rights as a worker is still protected to some degree. Before you begin your search, decide on what type of temporary jobs will suit you based on your restrictions and needs – maybe you just need a holiday job or a part time night job.

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How To Find Part Time Employment in South Africa

Part time employment is not only for students looking to make some extra cash during their holidays. These days many full time workers look for part time jobs to supplement their income or in some instances, full time employment may not be practical due to personal circumstances. Finding part time employment is often easier to find than full time work as employers are hesitant in getting entangled in labour issues.

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