How To Find A Job In South Africa

South Africa has a fairly high unemployment rate, hovering around 25% of the working population, and if you are looking for a job in South Africa, you better be ready for months of waiting. Jobs for foreigners in South Africa are even more limited as many employers are cautious about recruiting immigrants due to legal issues. For skilled professionals looking for a job in South Africa, the chances are significantly better and given the recent ‘brain drain’, even skilled foreigners may find it fairly easy to land a job.

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Call Centre Jobs in South Africa

Call centre jobs have become a popular choice for first time job seekers as most offer in-house training and do not require candidates to have any work experience. Broadly there are two types of call centre jobs available in South Africa based on your core duties – sales and support. It is important to speak to your prospective employer and thoroughly understand your job duties as well as the method of remuneration before you accept the position.

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Hotel Jobs in South Africa

Working in a hotel can be exciting – international visitors, luxurious surroundings and travel and transport perks makes it the ideal job for many.  If you are looking for a hotel job in South Africa, you have to ensure that you have the skills to match the job profile.  Hotels require friendly, professional and helpful staff to make a visitor’s stay as memorable and pleasurable as possible and if you don’t fit the bill, landing a hotel job  is not going to be easy task.

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Jobs for Foreigners in South Africa

South Africa has a fairly high unemployment rate but if you are a foreigner looking to work in S.A. then you may not experience as much of a difficulty if you have a degree and a work permit. The skills shortage in South Africa has seen a growing expatriate population enjoying some of the high paying work opportunities in the country. However many foreigners illegally enter South Africa from neighbouring African countries like Zimbabwe only to realise that unskilled work opportunities are not that plentiful.
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Temporary Jobs in South Africa

Temporary jobs in South Africa are usually easier to find as South African employers are often less enthusiastic about hiring employees on a full time basis due to labour disputes, union demands and full time employee benefits. While a temporary job does mean that you will get less benefits than a full time employee, your rights as a worker is still protected to some degree. Before you begin your search, decide on what type of temporary jobs will suit you based on your restrictions and needs – maybe you just need a holiday job or a part time night job.

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How To Find Part Time Employment in South Africa

Part time employment is not only for students looking to make some extra cash during their holidays. These days many full time workers look for part time jobs to supplement their income or in some instances, full time employment may not be practical due to personal circumstances. Finding part time employment is often easier to find than full time work as employers are hesitant in getting entangled in labour issues.

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Jobs in Durban, South Africa

Durban has traditionally been the big city with low paying jobs but this is rapidly changing as local employers try to retain skills within the city and attract job seekers from other parts of the country. While jobs in Durban are limited compared to Johannesburg and Pretoria, Durban’s bustling harbour, medical sector and tourism industry is still going a long way in keeping skills within the city.

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Jobs in Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is becoming the city of choice for job seekers as more South Africans want a mix of both career opportunities and a better quality of life if they have to relocate. There is no denying that Cape Town is the mid-point between the two other major cities in South Africa. It has better career opportunities than Durban and a more laid back lifestyle compared to Johannesburg. This has been recognised by many international companies who have started opening up local offices in Cape Town rather than in Gauteng as was previously the case.

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