Can You Earn A Living By Working From Home?

South Africans are just as keen to explore opportunities that will allow them to work and earn from home. Unfortunately, as a nation they have been fairly late in getting started particularly when it comes to online business and internet-based jobs. In recent years the online marketplace has been flooded by cheap and skilled labour from Asia which further hampers the ability of South Africans to earn a meaningful living from a piece of the online pie. Difficult but not impossible.

So what exactly is this buzz about working from home? The ads seem to be everywhere throughout the internet but what does it entail and is it a scam? Before delving specifically into the online opportunities, let’s look at working from home in its entirety.

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SEO Jobs in South Africa

SEO is the fairly new field within the I.T. sector that focuses on a the visibility of a website in the search engine rankings. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are the main route through which internet users access online information and due to the boom in e-commerce, a number of new I.T. skills have become in demand. SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is one of those and SEO jobs are now becoming widely available throughout South Africa.

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