Difficulty Finding a Job Common Reasons

Difficulty securing employment is not only an issue in South Africa. Employment problems are an issue the world over and more significant in countries with poor economic growth. South Africa has not been enjoying the same economic growth as many of its counterparts in Asia but still has a robust economy. The bigger issue with finding a job in South Africa is the lack of skills. Jobs for professionals in most sectors of industry are fairly easily available although many candidates decline offers due to salary packages that may not meet their demands or having to relocate to other cities. However, it is largely the unskilled and semi-skilled workers that may find difficulty with getting a job easily.

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How To Find A Job In South Africa

South Africa has a fairly high unemployment rate, hovering around 25% of the working population, and if you are looking for a job in South Africa, you better be ready for months of waiting. Jobs for foreigners in South Africa are even more limited as many employers are cautious about recruiting immigrants due to legal issues. For skilled professionals looking for a job in South Africa, the chances are significantly better and given the recent ‘brain drain’, even skilled foreigners may find it fairly easy to land a job.

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Looking For A Job With No Work Experience

Finding a job is not easy and if you do not have any work experience, the task is even more difficult. While some employers may look for new job seekers with no experience, the usual trend is that these job opportunities are low paying. If you are looking at starting your career with no work experience, then you have to be innovative to make up for the lack of references.

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