A digital curriculum vitae (CV) is an online cv that exists on the internet for prospective employers to access. Unlike the traditional CV or resume, your digital cv is more dynamic and informative beyond a paper copy. A digital CV also allows you to share your knowledge on specific subjects pertaining to your area of employment or sector of industry. This allows your employer to gauge how informed and knowledgeable you are about the industry and gives you and edge over other candidates in a job application.

Typically, your digital CV is your own personal website as in www.yourname.com and upon accessing your website, you employer is able to view your credentials and abilities. Ideally, your website should have a blog attached to it where you can update posts about interesting aspects related to your area of expertise as well as update your readers about new developments in your industry.

A digital CV should not contain your personal information and contact details apart from your name and email address. Due to online fraud and internet identity theft, it is best to limit the amount of personal information your upload on your digital CV. You may include a photograph of yourself and give vague details like your city of residence, family structure and personal interests. These can be useful for your prospective employer to get to know more about you.

Your website address or digital CV domain should be included in your job application, on your CV or resume. It should be on all pages, whether in the header of each page or the footer. For certain industries, your digital CV can also serve as an online portfolio where prospective employers can view your previous work which ma have only been presented at a job interview. A digital CV allows you to stand out among the other job applicants and countless resumes and CV’s submitted for a job opening.

If well constructed, your digital CV could also turn out to be a source of income. By sharing your knowledge on particular subject matters and allowing search engines to index your website, readers from across the globe can access your website and through affiliate advertising, you can make money from your readership. A digital CV shows your employer that you are in touch with technology, indicate your knowledge on the specific sector of industry and highlight your areas of expertise.

In order to create a digital CV, you will first need web space where you can host your blog or website. Secondly, you need to create your CV and upload it online on a professional theme. Lastly, you need to promote your digital CV by including it on your CV or resume. Hosting your own digital CV is cheap, less than $50 per year, if not less, and there are free options which will not cost you a penny. By linking your digital CV to professional social networking sites like LinkedIn, you may even be able to land a job without even applying for itt.

What is a Digital CV (Curriculum Vitae), Online Resume, Portfolio?

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