The global recession has left millions unemployed throughout the world and many new job seekers are giving up hope on ever finding a job given the bleak outlook. If finding a job was tough when the global economy was booming, the chances of full time employment should be almost impossible. However it is important to realize that the economy has not totally shut down. Yes, it has shrunk but it is still very much alive and in some quarters even thriving albeit to a lesser degree.

Tips for Job Seekers

The game has not changed, it has just become tougher and if you were not very successful previously, you will now most definitely have to step up your gameplay.

1. Down and Out, Depressed and Despondent

This pretty much says it all. The difficulty in finding a job, probably constant rejection, ever increasing pile of bills and the sight of your friends and family thriving financially often fuels the feeling of despair and depression. Shake it off. Get out of it. That gloom and doom aura does not bode well and it permeates through to the way you carry yourself, talk to people or even in your written work like you CV (curriculum vitae) or resume. No company or prospective employer wants to hire any person who comes across as unmotivated, dreary and possibly be a liability to the business, especially in interacting with clients.

Always remember that every job interview or meeting is a chance to sell yourself. So make sure that you come across as a ‘commodity’ worth purchasing. You are not alone in unemployment these days. Your lack of a suitable hob or source of income is not so unique. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and get up and at it.

2. Invest in your Image

The image you portray comes across in every aspect ranging from your attire, to your curriculum vitae or resume, manner in which you answer your phone calls or converse with others. You may have to spend a little in touching up your image but don’t break your already limited budget on a new wardrobe. Its not all about designer clothes and trendy shoes. Simple measures like dressing neatly, proper grooming, finding a professional to create your curriculum vitae or resume and learning to smile and speak in a professional manner can do wonders for your image.

Businesses are looking for professionals who can relate well to customers and garner confidence in clients to either purchase their product or utilize their services. You represent their company at every turn and they expect you to maintain an image that is in keeping with their business profile.

3. If at first you don’t succeed …

Persistence and motivation is essential in finding a job. Sometimes it means repeat phone calls to the human resources department or friendly enquiries with the manager whether your job application is successful. Don’t stalk the person but show that you are interested in the job position and enthusiastic about getting started.

Even if unsuccessful in your job application, do not throw in the towel. Keep an eye on the newspapers, keep your ear to the ground and network with the right people. Opportunities pop up all the time and it is not always a matter of who you know but how soon you know. If you are going to let depression get the better of you, you will not be spending time trying to find a job but rather wasting time by wallowing in misery.

The internet is an essential part of your job hunting endeavor. Learn to put your CV or resume online and keep scouring employment websites for new opportunities. Apply quickly but make sure that your CV or resume is suitable so that you do not waste time at the last minute editing it for a prospective job application. It is also useful to keep visiting websites of companies in your sector of industry. Often companies post job openings on their corporate websites to avoid paying fees to recruiters and employment agencies. Visit them daily, keep an eye on what is going on with their upcoming projects and new clients. You may identify a position before they even advertise for it and leaving your CV or resume before the post is advertised means that your CV is at the top of the pile.

It is important to bear in mind that all effort is rewarded. Whether you are spending time and money on your image, applying to pay job sites or taking an online training course to improve your skills, do not stop trying. If finding a job was so easy, then everybody would be gainfully employed. The job market is now for those who are prepared to roll up their sleeves, dig in the mud and keep at it until they get a job. It is extremely competitive and a matter of ‘survival of the fittest’.

Tips for Finding a Job During a Recession

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