Temporary jobs in South Africa are usually easier to find as South African employers are often less enthusiastic about hiring employees on a full time basis due to labour disputes, union demands and full time employee benefits. While a temporary job does mean that you will get less benefits than a full time employee, your rights as a worker is still protected to some degree. Before you begin your search, decide on what type of temporary jobs will suit you based on your restrictions and needs – maybe you just need a holiday job or a part time night job.

Your Needs vs Your Employer’s Needs

Carefully assess what you need and what you can give in this temporary job. You may need a certain amount of money every week but you can only invest a set amount of hours on your job. Be realistic about your wages. If you do not have a skill and can only work a few hours a week, then chances are that you will have to settle for a lower paying temp job. Look at the times that you have available – if you are looking for a student job after campus hours then you have to find a business that will be operating at those times.

Temporary Job Expenses

Another factor to consider when looking for a temporary job is the expenses that you will accrue as a result of the work. It may be transport costs or lunch money – every job costs you some money and your income should be significantly higher than the expenses. Remember that if you are looking for a temporary job at night, after hours transport can be very costly so your wages has to match this.

Finding a Temporary Job

Most job seekers are confused on how to find part time employment. Temp jobs are mot always advertised extensively as employers are hesitant about spending to advertise the post. At the same time, some employers may not go to a recruitment agency to find part time employees as they will have to pay fees for this service. It is best to scan small local newspapers for temporary jobs as advertising in these publications are usually cheaper than the larger newspapers. You should also visit business that fit you job description and leave a CV with them, especially before the start of the busy periods like the year end festive season. Get to know the employees in business where you would like to work – often employers ask their trusted staff to bring in a friend or relative to fill in for a temporary job position.

Temporary Jobs in South Africa

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  1. Am a student who is looking for part time employment, currently am studying electrical engineering at UNISA..on addition to that am aforeigner from uganda who came with adiploma in electrical and electronics engineering.i will b greatiful for your response.. thanks. may GOD bless u

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