With no end to the job losses in sight, you may be worried about the future of your career if you are still employed. For those who have fallen victim to the recession cutbacks, the chances of finding a job seems more bleak and every month’s report of recent job losses is disappointing. However, even in these current times, finding a job or keeping your employment is not impossible. The first step to surviving the recession job losses is to not give up hope. Next, consider a plan of action to retaining your job, securing your income or finding suitable employment even if you are unemployed.

Surviving Unemployment During the Recession

The most frustrating part of being unemployed, apart from your limited financial resources, is the countless tips for finding a job from well meaning friends and family. It seems that no matter how hard you try, you just cannot find a suitable job and with more companies reporting cutbacks, your efforts seem like a total waste of time. Remember that while there are job losses, there are also many companies still hiring and if you do not qualify for any of the limited job opportunities, it is time to think out of the box.

Your unemployment will be short lived, just like the recession and throwing in the towel now will work against you in the future when the economy picks up. If you have financial resources to tide you over, rather use this time to improve your future career prospects with an online training course. However if you are cash strapped and no longer qualify for unemployment, spending even small amounts may not be an option. It may be time to downgrade your employment expectations and there is no shame in casual jobs. If you have a skill, you may consider freelancing in your area of expertise and even though times are tough, many companies still look for freelancers as it means less hassle with full time employees. Freelancing may not guarantee you a full time income but it keeps you in touch with your sector of industry and with time, you may even find that a career as a freelancer is more lucrative than a full time job.

Saving Your Job During the Recession

If you are worried about cutbacks at your company, now is the time to think up a game plan for any eventuality. It may be wise to start looking for another job if your employer is buckling under financial pressure. Getting started ahead of time will spare you the time wasted in preparing for job applications. Get your curriculum vitae or resume in order. Update your references and apply for another copy of that college diploma that you may have misplaced.

Learn to make yourself indispensable at work if you think that job losses are on the horizon. Do your extra share of the work without claiming overtime and make sure that you manager or boss knows that you care about the company and not just your salary. Try to be multi-skilled. Points are always given for trying and makes you seem less lazy when the managers are considering which employees to chop. If you have not saved up as yet, start planning a small emergency fund should you lose your job and one of the first places to start is with some good ideas to save money at work.

Do not fall victim to the gloom and doom prophecies about the recession. Times are tough but those that spend time complaining are less likely to get up and do something about their situation. It’s easy to get sucked into the idea that ‘there are no jobs available’ or ‘I will not qualify for that post’. Those that succeed have the vision to persevere even in the face of the greatest adversity.

Surviving the Recession Job Losses

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