Putting your interest and past times on your curriculum vitae may at times seem silly but it does provide some insight into your character and abilities. Even if you are applying for a desk job, your physical attributes may play a part in a successful job application. While most employers may not ask for a photo when you apply for a job, they are bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of applications and it is difficult to short list candidates for interviews when each CV looks somewhat similar. If you prospective employer is a sports buff or fitness freak, your extracurricular sporting activities may give you an upper hand somewhat.

What does sporting activities say about your character?

Apart from indicating that you are physically active and in better health than an overweight, middle aged applicant with a more impressive CV, indicating your sporting activities may also say a lot about your personality. Any sport requires discipline and perseverance even if you are not an expert at it. This gives your employer somewhat of an insight into your personality and don’t be surprised if you are asked about it during your job interview.

Sporting activities also indicate that you take your health seriously and willing to take a couple hours away from the TV to keep fit. Any person who is prepared to make the effort to look after their health shows their willingness to get up and be active. Laziness and inefficiency go hand in hand and this is one of the most important aspects that prospective employers want to identify in candidates.

It is also important to bear in mind that no company wants to higher an employee on the verge of a heart attack. Training you takes time and company resources and if you are unfit and falling ill all the time, you are not an asset to the business.

Golf Day with the Boss

Golf is a popular choice among many middle aged executives and if your employer is an active golfer, he or she will undoubtedly use company sporting activities as a team building exercise. Nobody wants the ‘fat guy who can’t run’ on their team. It may play against you at corporate sporting activities and your employer, if a fitness freak, may want to trim out the ‘dead weight’ from the group.

Bosses enjoy playing golf at times with their ‘underlings’ and there is nothing better than having an employer who feels gratified at having beat you at a game of golf. You may have to manipulate your handicap if your boss is a useless golfer but it is better not to show off your PGA abilities if your trying to impress the boss. Let him have the upper hand, or so he thinks, and place yourself in a better position. You may be called a ‘kiss up’ but at the end of the day, you have bills to pay and if ‘kissing up’ means keeping your job, so be it.

Sports and Physical Activities on Job Applications

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