SEO is the fairly new field within the I.T. sector that focuses on a the visibility of a website in the search engine rankings. Search engines like Google and Yahoo are the main route through which internet users access online information and due to the boom in e-commerce, a number of new I.T. skills have become in demand. SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is one of those and SEO jobs are now becoming widely available throughout South Africa.

Most SEO jobs are available in Cape Town as digital media agencies, both local and foreign, have set up base in the city. There is a growing number of SEO jobs in Johannesburg and a few in Durban but if you are looking at a career in the field of search engine optimization, then Cape Town is the place to be.

Many companies offer remote positions for SEO consultants. This allows the employee to work from anywhere in the world and just to sign into the virtual office on a daily basis. However in terms of SEO jobs in South Africa, you are looking at the more conventional 9 to 5 office position.

SEO is not a fully defined field and while there are a few institutions that offer SEO training, candidates will still require a portfolio of their SEO achievements. Work experience will be your strongest asset when applying for an SEO job and if you have achieved some impressive rankings that can be verified as your work, then you are in a better position.

Most employers looking for SEO consultants insist on an SEO aptitude test and this may be done through a recruitment agency handling the sourcing of suitable applicants. The salary for SEO consultants vary in South Africa with smaller companies offering approximately R15,000 per month while larger companies are willing to go as high as R500,000 per year (2009).

Most employers offer SEO positions on a contract basis ranging from 6 months to a year during which they can assess the employee’s SEO ability. The field is becoming competitive as more SEO consultants enter the market but if you have achieved top rankings on search engines like Google, you should not have a difficulty in finding suitable SEO jobs either in South Africa or overseas.

SEO Jobs in South Africa

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