Receptionist jobs are not easily available as they are in demand in South Africa. While some positions require very little training or even experience, higher paying receptionist jobs will require reputable references. Larger corporations are more likely to look for receptionists through recruitment agencies while medium to smaller business tend to advertise positions or hire receptionists based on personal references from other employees.

Most receptionist positions will be temporary jobs initially. Employers are hesitant to hire personnel for receptionist positions on a permanent basis until they can verify their abilities. Due to labour issues regarding probation periods, most employers opt for short term contracts or temporary jobs with the view of a permanent position once the person proves themselves.

While a receptionist job may not always require a degree or formal training, you should have some basic skills which is expected from every employer. Being multilingual is an advantage in South Africa, given that there is 11 official languages. Knowing English and/or Afrikaans and at least one African language like Zulu is usually expected. Professionalism is a must, not only in the way you handle yourself but also in your appearance because a receptionist is usually the first face a client sees.

If you are looking for a receptionist job in South Africa, don’t be surprised if you don’t find many job opportunities advertised in the media or on the internet. With the high unemployment rate in the country, many new job seekers, particularly females, are searching for receptionist positions and may be prepared to work for salaries below the market rate.

A short secretarial course or computer proficiency certificate will go a long way when applying for a receptionist job. Knowledge of the working of a switchboard, being familiar with the industry of the prospective employer and an understanding of basic business processes are other important traits that will give you an advantage during the job interview.

Receptionist salaries in South Africa vary among different companies and regions. You may start off with a monthly salary of R3,000 to R4,000 per month in Durban while receptionists in Gauteng may start off at R7,000 plus (2009). Always state a reasonable salary expectation when applying for a receptionist job as employers are hesitant to hire staff who are in search for pay that is higher than the market norm.

Receptionist Jobs in South Africa

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