An online job is any form of employment that can be conducted via the internet and has distinct advantages that other forms of work cannot offer. With the popularity of the internet growing at a rapid pace, this platform is unique in the types of products and services that can be targeted to the individual user. The internet, however, is only a tool and it is the human factor – ingenuity and manpower – that makes it work. Online jobs are increasing on a daily basis but for South Africans, local online jobs are a bit limited.

From typing to writing and specialist consultant services, online jobs cover almost every sector of industry. It has become the most important tool for any business to reach their target market and with ecommerce, business transactions can be conducted and completed online. Apart from sales and advertising, online jobs also offers other employment opportunities, even if the end product or service is not sold or offered via the internet.

An online job allows you to work from home and in some cases, it also offers you to work at your own time and pace. This is a significant saving for the employer who does not have to increase the size of the business premises to house more employees while offering workers the chance to save on the cost and time of commuting to work. Most online jobs for South Africans are not available through local companies and if you are looking for this type of work opportunity, you will most likely have to look abroad.

Online jobs are more widely available for skilled professionals who are prepared to work from home as a contractor or freelancer although many overseas companies also offer full time employment via the internet. For online work requiring less skill, the international market is competitive.

South Africans are fortunate to now have the services of international payment gateways like Paypal which is used by most businesses and private individuals globally. Sending and receiving money is simple through this and since it became available in March 2010, South Africans can now offer their services online with the same ease and convenience for the client as other international online workers.

If you are looking for an online job, you have to be cautious. The internet is full of scams offering ‘legit’ online job opportunities but require you to pay an upfront fee. Once you pay, you will usually end up with a useless ebook on working from home. If you are a skilled professional, your best bet is to join a freelancing website and find legitimate job openings. With a little experience in the online job market, you can slowly move up the ladder to more permanent online employment.

Online Jobs for South Africans

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