Motor mechanics is a specialised field in the automotive industry and requires training, skills and experience beyond general knowledge of automobiles. From working on the factory line to jobs in dealership service centres and mechanic workshops, motor mechanics are in demand the world over.

Training Courses for Motor Mechanics

Years ago, mechanics were trained practically with no formal qualification in the field. These days motor mechanics are skilled professionals with qualifications in motor mechanics obtained from trade schools and technical colleges. With modern cars relying on complex on-board computer systems and advanced engineering, motor mechanics have to be well versed in automotive and electrical engineering in order to do their job. Experience is essential but without some form of technical training, you are unlikely to get the best positions in the industry.

Jobs for Mechanics

If you are considering a career in motor mechanics, its best to decide on specialising in one make of vehicle or a specific aspect of automotive mechanics. The job opportunities may be better plus the pay is significantly more if you have the experience and training in a speciality. Apart from jobs in South Africa, motor mechanics also have work opportunities overseas. Many South African motor mechanics have managed to relocate to developed countries due to skills shortages in the field of motor mechanics in those nations.

Overseas Jobs for Motor Mechanics

There are a number of professional associations for motor mechanics and membership with one of these statutory bodies plays a big part in landing well paying jobs. If you looking at overseas opportunities as a motor mechanic, then you will need to have membership with professional associations both here in South Africa as well as with associations abroad. Work experience is the most important consideration and reputable references which can be verified is essential.

Motor Mechanic Jobs in South Africa

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  1. Im looking for a motor mechanic position, preferably in the Eastern Cape region. Will consider any other province as well inclduing opportunities beyond the borders of SA.

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