Durban has traditionally been the big city with low paying jobs but this is rapidly changing as local employers try to retain skills within the city and attract job seekers from other parts of the country. While jobs in Durban are limited compared to Johannesburg and Pretoria, Durban’s bustling harbour, medical sector and tourism industry is still going a long way in keeping skills within the city.

Working in Durban

While Durban may lack the cosmopolitan feel of Cape Town and the big money of Gauteng, working in Durban is often about the lifestyle. Beautiful beaches, temperate climate and less traffic congestion makes Durban a popular choice for job seekers wanting a break from the rat race and concrete jungle. Job seekers, particularly those in the commerce, medical, transport and tourism industries will find better career opportunities in Durban although you may not be in as competitive an environment as in other cities.

Unlike other cities, Durban’s CBD is still fairly safe and the layout of the city means that you can find affordable accommodation close to your place of work. While many companies are moving to the north of the city centre, with Durban being a small city with a good road infrastructure, getting to any part of Durban will not take you more than an hour even in peak traffic.

Employment Opportunities in Durban

If you are looking for a job in Durban, then the best approach is to scan the local newspapers. While recruitment agencies are just as popular in Durban as it is elsewhere in the country, many Durban employers want to bypass the high costs of using a recruiter and hire staff directly. The internet is another popular medium for advertising and finding jobs in Durban but the environment for new job seekers is competitive given the rate of unemployment in Durban.

Before taking up a job in Durban, you will have to carefully assess your salary package. Durban employers are not among the highest paying and while the cost of living in Durban is cheap, accommodation can at times be pricey. If you are looking at climbing the corporate ladder fast, then Durban may not be the place to look for a job. But if you want a better quality of life, good weather and a friendly atmosphere, then Durban has much to offer.

Jobs in Durban, South Africa

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