Cape Town is becoming the city of choice for job seekers as more South Africans want a mix of both career opportunities and a better quality of life if they have to relocate. There is no denying that Cape Town is the mid-point between the two other major cities in South Africa. It has better career opportunities than Durban and a more laid back lifestyle compared to Johannesburg. This has been recognised by many international companies who have started opening up local offices in Cape Town rather than in Gauteng as was previously the case.

Working in Cape Town

Sun, sea and safety is what makes Cape Town stand out from other South African cities. Being more cosmopolitan than some of the other South African cities, working in Cape Town means intermingling with people from across the globe. Apart from the wealthy foreigners that set up home in Cape Town, many international companies send staff to man their local offices in the Western Cape and this is reflected in Cape Town’s multinational population. If you are looking for a job in Cape Town, don’t think that you are going to escape the traffic congested roads of Gauteng. Peak hour traffic in Cape Town comes pretty close to matching Gauteng at times but this is a growing problem across South Africa.

Cape Town is known for the more laid back working environment. From plush offices overlooking picturesque beaches to skyscrapers overshadowed by the peaceful setting of Table Mountain, when working in the Cape Town environment you will undoubtedly find that you are less stressed and more motivated to perform at your peak.

Employment Opportunities in Cape Town

Establishing itself as both the I.T. and tourism capital of South Africa, many Cape Town job opportunities are within these sectors. If you are looking for a job in Cape Town, you best bet would be to sign up with a reputable recruiting agency. Cape Town has tons of recruiters, both small and large, looking for eager South Africans with the necessary skills to snap up job opportunities in the city. Cape Town companies are becoming more competitive in remuneration packages and while it may not always match the top salaries in Johannesburg and Pretoria, many job seekers are prepared to earn a little less in order to have a better quality of life.

Before grabbing the first job opportunity that comes your way in Cape Town, familiarise yourself with the average salary and living costs. Cape Town can be an expensive city and while you may want a change in lifestyle, changing jobs to move over to a new city can be a decision that you will quickly regret if you can’t pay your bills.

Jobs in Cape Town, South Africa

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