Australia is another hot spot for job seekers in South Africa. While many South Africans are looking to settle down in Australia in the long run, relocating is not as simple as it was just 5 years ago. In the past, Australia used to actively recruit South Africans but these days, jobs are scarce and only skilled professionals with experience stand a good chance of securing employment in Australia.

Salaries in Australia

Australian salaries vary depending on your job position, skills and experience. You can expect to earn between AU$5,000 to AU$8,000 if you are a skilled professional but make sure you check on the cost of living in Australia. The tax rate is high and property is expensive and even if you plan to start off at the bottom of the ladder, it is important to remember that if the living conditions are not up to scratch, you may quickly find yourself back in South Africa. Australian jobs are in demand globally and with a stream of skilled professionals from Asia entering Australia, South Africans have more competition.

Employment Agencies for Australian Jobs

Many South Africans have fallen prey to  unscrupulous and unregistered labour brokers promising job opportunities in Australia. After paying an upfront administration or relocation fee, you may find that the broker disappears and there is no job waiting for you at the other end. It is important to use a reputable employment agency, preferably in Australia, if you want to find a decent job in Australia.

You can use employment websites like Seek but you will find that you will need a work visa before your application will even be considered. Hopping over to Australia on a  holiday visa in order to find a job and hopefully qualify for a work visa will not work any longer. Australian immigration has become very strict and unlike jobs in New Zealand, there is little room to negotiate with a prospective employer if you don’t have the correct paperwork.

Professional Jobs in South Africa

Medical and I.T. professionals are still in demand in Australia. For other professions that were previously in demand, like for teachers, the job opportunities are now limited. With more Britons looking at relocating to Australia, the competition is stiff and South Africans are not given preferential treatment. Unskilled workers will find it tough to find a job in Australia and while artisans were in demand 15 to 20 years ago, this has decreased and you may end up in Australia with a low salary and limited work opportunities.

Jobs in Australia for South Africans

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