Many job seekers unknowingly make mistakes during a job interview that could cost them a position of employment. You are less likely to make these mistakes if you are aware of it. No matter how much you impress the interview team, it means little if you are about to walk out of the room and makes one of the common job interview mistakes.

Do Not Dress Provocatively

Short skirts and tight blouses may work well if you are applying for a job in a bar but in any corporate job, it is seen as being unprofessional to dress in that manner. Many women are still under the misconception that their prospective boss wants some eye candy. He may smile. He may look. But he is not going to risk his business in the hands of an incompetent an unprofessional person. With larger companies, it will not be appreciated at all. You may be facing more than one manager or HR personnel for your interview and while some men may ogle, others may brush you off as being a joke and most of the women will be put off.

Sharing Your Dry Wit With Others

So your mom laughs at your jokes and your girlfriend tells you that you are the funniest guy she’s ever met. Don’t display your comic relief skills at your job interview. You may want the interview team to like you and be your ‘buddy’ but ultimately you set yourself up for seeming like a chump who does not take life or work seriously and cannot garner respect from others. Of course, the odd joke when appropriate and a restrained chuckle at something amusing during the job interview will be appreciated. At least they that know you are not a dead beat.

Speaking Too Softly or Loudly

You think that your gentle whispers will make you seem sexy or that a loud commanding voice shows confidence and authority. Wrong! You either come across as not being assertive enough or a bully. Control your volume. Avoid the boisterous laughter and shouting that may be the norm at your local pub. Save on the soft whispers for gossiping during a movie.

Being Late for the Interview

Your car broke down? You were lost? There was a family emergency?

Whatever the case, if you were late for your job interview, then don’t bother. Just turn around and walk out. There’s nothing more to say.

Answering Your Cell Phone During The Interview

Before the interview, switch your cell phone off. Even if you do not answer the call, the fact that it rang means one of two things – you either do not take the job seriously enough to not be disturbed or you have some other responsibility in life that could draw you away from work. Don’t say that your kid is alone at home. Or your mother is unwell. Nobody cares and all the interviewers think is “sick leave” or “compassionate leave”.

No BS, Say You Don’t Know

There is nothing worse than a job candidate who talks utter rubbish in order to seem like they know it all. It does not make you seem intelligent. It did not dazzle the interviewer. It makes you seem like an idiot. Nobody can know everything all of the time. So you did not know something – big deal. As long as it is not one of the fundamental principles upon which your line of work is based on, it is only human to be unaware or have forgotten it. Rather admit that you do not know and try to shift the topic to something that you are more familiar with.

Do Not Ask If You Got The Job

It makes you look desperate. Desperate = no other career options. Why? Because you are not worth much in the working world. This is what the interviewer may think. Don’t beg as well because there is nothing more pathetic and while you think that the story about your ailing wife is going to make a difference, remember that your boss only sees money wasted on temps when you take sick/compassionate leave.

Common Job Interview Mistakes

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