During these tough times, every penny counts. Cutting back the family luxuries is a pointless exercise if you have not tightened your belt as well. You may be wondering how you could save another cent considering that you spend more on the bills than you can afford as it is. But a careful assessment of your spending habits will reveal that one of the spots where you are hemorrhaging money is at work, or during work hours. It is important to be thrifty on a daily basis, even at work, or you will learn that you are working for a lot less than you initially thought.

Most workers do not realize that their job is a monthly expense, from traveling costs to deli lunches. Frugal spending during work hours will often leave you with cash in your hand at the end of the week that can go towards paying that credit card bill or splashing out on a Sunday lunch at the favorite family restaurant.

Tips for Saving Money at Work

  • Pack a lunch every morning. It may take an extra 10 minutes but the savings will quickly add up. Calculate your daily lunch costs from the deli and save those few dollars everyday by carrying a sandwich from home. Treat yourself or your family with all the extra cash and you will be motivated to continue this habit. Even a fruit juice or soda from the vending machine can be costly. Buy your favorite drink in packs and carry one a day to work.
  • Car pool rather than driving alone. It may seem like an inconvenience initially but once you are into the swing of things, it is a fun way to travel with company when stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. It may be a bit awkward to ask your office colleagues to car pool with you and you may not want to travel with the same people that you have to work with everyday but there are others in your suburb traveling to the same area. Try taking public transport for a few days and you will identify those that live and work near you.
  • Avoid the Friday afternoon drinks with work colleagues. You can bond with others during working hours or at lunch time. A few drinks on a Friday evening can be quite costly if you end up buying more rounds of drinks or splashing out on an expensive late dinner after a few drinks.
  • Calling your spouse or partner during working hours is a habit that many of us practice and it is important to telling that special someone in our life that we are thinking about them. With many companies cutting costs, the odd personal call is now frowned upon and you may opt to using your mobile for that quick call during your lunch break. Try texting (sending an SMS) to your spouse rather using your personal mobile phone to make calls at peak hour rates.
  • Don’t be tempted to buy goods from other colleagues or vendors that are allowed to visit the office during working hours. At times, we often buy stuff that we don’t need to avoid being labeled as a ‘cheapskate’. During these tough times, many of your colleagues are trying to make a few extra dollars and will supposedly secure your a ‘great deal’ from a friend, sibling or spouse. You will find that you often waste money by buying goods or services from work colleagues and rather shop around for a few hours on the net to get a better deal.
  • Keep the cards at home. If you know that you spend unnecessarily, keep the credit cards at home and only carry the money you need. You will often justify all those cards in your wallet by saying that may need money in case of an emergency but if you cannot practice restraint, you are better off without them during the working week.

Most of us hate to admit that we are in a tight financial position and have to cut back on our spending. We often opt for ‘cheap thrills’ where we spend money on unnecessary items at a time when our budget is limited in order to feel better about our dire financial situation. Avoid these temptations and show discipline with every cent and the savings will add up. During these tough times, the only money we can be sure of is the cash in our hand so spend wisely. Even if you have enough cash to service your monthly budget, the extra cash may come in handy for furthering your career by signing up for that online training course that you always claimed was too costly.

Ideas to Save Money at Work

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