Part time employment is not only for students looking to make some extra cash during their holidays. These days many full time workers look for part time jobs to supplement their income or in some instances, full time employment may not be practical due to personal circumstances. Finding part time employment is often easier to find than full time work as employers are hesitant in getting entangled in labour issues.

Look for Local Employment

Always search for a part time job in your area. Employers looking for part time employees prefer a person who lives close to work and could possibly fill in for another staff member on short notice. Local businesses may also be familiar with you and your family and will be more likely to hire a person who is known in the community. Always start looking for a job at the thriving businesses in your area and enquire about part time employment at a busy period like during the festive season.

Work for Free

If you are looking for part time employment during the quieter seasons, it may be useful to offer your services for free. Employers are always keen on free labour and even if it does not secure you a paying job at a later stage, you will at least gain some work experience and job references for your CV. Working for free initially will also allow you the opportunity to showcase your skills and this may lead to a paying part time job. Businesses prefer to keep those employees who are familiar to their customers and by building a good rapport with clients, you will slowly make yourself indispensable.

Get to Know the Staff

When looking for part time employees, business are hesitant to spend money in advertising job positions. They may stick a sign in the window or ask current employees to bring along friends or relatives. This makes it more difficult for you to find part time employment but if you build a good relationship with employed people in your community or employees at a place you would like to work, you may get the inside edge when a part time position becomes available. If you frequent a business where you would like to work, remember to be courteous to the employees that are working there. Asking them about any available job positions will be more fruitful if you are in their good books.

Keep an Eye on Local Newspapers

While businesses may not want to spend a lot on advertising temporary jobs and part time positions, they may consider advertising in the local newspapers which is often cheaper. These may be free weekly newspapers in your area or even community newsletters. Monitor these publications at the time they are distributed so that you can be among the first to apply for an available position.

Job Hunting Basics

Don’t forget to do the basics as you would do if you were looking for full time work. Drop your CV at as many businesses as you can. Do this just before the busy season and try to chat to the manager even if it is for a few minutes just to introduce yourself. Always dress professionally and if you are called in for a job interview, make a good impression. Even if it is a low paying part time job, employers still expect temp employees to behave in a professional manner.

How To Find Part Time Employment in South Africa

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