South Africa has a fairly high unemployment rate, hovering around 25% of the working population, and if you are looking for a job in South Africa, you better be ready for months of waiting. Jobs for foreigners in South Africa are even more limited as many employers are cautious about recruiting immigrants due to legal issues. For skilled professionals looking for a job in South Africa, the chances are significantly better and given the recent ‘brain drain’, even skilled foreigners may find it fairly easy to land a job.

Employment Agencies and Labour Brokers

While labour brokers have been getting much negative publicity with trade unions and government having vowed to eradicate them, the reality is that labour brokers are doing booming business in South Africa. The strict labour laws means that South African employers can bypass much of these regulations by employing contract workers via a labour broker. This works against you the job seeker but if you have the skills and a good work ethic, you may be able to eventually secure a good position with the employer that is hiring you.

There are a number of employment agencies in South Africa catering for different sectors of industry and both professionals and unskilled workers. Leaving your CV with one of these agencies or signing up with an employment agency is usually free and it is one of your best bets for finding a job in South Africa. Sometimes the best way to secure a full time job is to apply for temporary jobs in South Africa and you may be kept on in the long term.

Newspapers and Advertised Jobs

Many companies in South Africa do not use employment agencies or labour brokers and advertise available positions in the local newspapers. Usually suitable applicants will be hired from within the company but if the necessary skills are lacking, employers will take new applicants provided that you have the necessary qualifications and experience.

You can get a head start by leaving an updated CV with different companies in your sector of industry even if there are no job openings. Contact the HR (Human Resources) department and find out if they do accept CV’s. If not, you will need to keep searching through newspaper ads and wait for openings. If you cannot find any suitable positions, it may be worth considering a classified ad in your local paper where you can advertise your skills and experience in the hope that an employer finds you.

Employment Websites

A number of employment websites are available and can be a better option if your do not want to go through an agency or newspapers. Career Junction is one of the biggest job websites in South Africa and you can add your profile and upload your CV for free. If you spot any suitable job openings, you can apply for it online and if the advertisers feels that you are suitable, they may schedule an interview. PNet is another popular careers website in South Africa but most jobs are for professionals.

Whichever route you choose to take, finding a job in South Africa requires perseverance and patience. It may be helpful to take not of the tips for the unemployed as it will guide you as to what you need to do to make yourself more attractive to employers.

How To Find A Job In South Africa

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