Working in a hotel can be exciting – international visitors, luxurious surroundings and travel and transport perks makes it the ideal job for many.  If you are looking for a hotel job in South Africa, you have to ensure that you have the skills to match the job profile.  Hotels require friendly, professional and helpful staff to make a visitor’s stay as memorable and pleasurable as possible and if you don’t fit the bill, landing a hotel job  is not going to be easy task.

With FTE colleges popping up all over South Africa, hotel management and travel and tourism qualifications have become popular choices. This means that there is a lot of competition out there and even if you expect to start at the bottom of the ladder in a hotel job, you have to show a prospective employer that you are equipped for this line of work.

Hotels look for certain characteristics in a potential employee and apart from presentable and professional, being multilingual is also an advantage. This does not only include South African official languages but if you can speak other popular foreign languages then you will definitely have one up on other job candidates.

Staying close to the hotel and being flexible with times is another expectation when applying for a hotel job. If short staffed, a hotel may call you up on a moment’s notice and if you cannot be flexible with times, then you may find that a hotel employer will be less enthusiastic about hiring you. This is a point that you need to stress when applying for a hotel job in South Africa.

Don’t expect to only fulfil the duties as per your job profile. In a hotel job you will need to be versatile and even the concierge must be prepared to double up and help in other duties when the time comes. The larger hotels in South Africa are quite thorough when profiling prospective candidates for a hotel job. If you can provide a police report and/or credit report in your job application, you are likely to come across as an employee who is reliable and trustworthy which is a big plus.

Most of the hotel jobs are in the big cities and concentrated around the tourist spots of any city. Hotels tend to use recruitment agencies when looking for suitable staff so your best bet is to find those agencies that specialise in hotel jobs and submit your CV. Even if you lack a qualification in the hotel and travel industry and have no prior experience in a hotel job, any previous work experience in the hospitality industry will work to your benefit.

Hotel Jobs in South Africa

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