If you are looking for part time job in South Africa as a student, you need to be a little innovative if you want to extend beyond the traditional waiter and bar keep jobs. Students are constantly searching for part time employment and the student job market is understandably competitive. Pay rates are low and labour law often flies out of the window when employers consider giving students part time jobs. Consider the fact that the unemployment rate is so high in South Africa, over 25% of the working population is unemployed, and finding decent part time work as a student seems like a difficult undertaking.

However, students should not be discouraged. As a university, technikon or college student, you have some desirable qualities that many employers want to capitalize on when it comes to temporary jobs. Firstly, you are getting yourself a tertiary education so you obviously intellectual capacity to handle occupations above just unskilled manual labour. Secondly, your commitment to a tertiary institution usually in the nearby vicinity of a business gives you some degree of reliability considering that employers have difficulty verifying the references and even identity of some workers.

Catering and Hospitality Jobs for Students

The catering and hospitality sector is one of the industries that has a preference for student workers. Not only are students capable of handling some of the semi-skilled tasks with minimal training, but they are also willing to take on shift work during hours that most full time workers want to be at home. These jobs range from working in restaurants and takeaways to bars, clubs and even hotels and spas. If you are looking for a catering and hospitality job then try to ensure that you portray an image in keeping with the industry. Neatness, hygiene, well spoken, a pleasant demanour and flare for working with people are musts.

Sales Jobs for Students

The sales industry pretty much has the same criteria when looking for student workers. After all, the sales industry is largely a “first impressions” line of work where you have a short period of time with a customer to either make a sale or have them walk out. All types of shops are looking for good salespeople and students can often take advantage ¬†of after hours positions when many permanent employees want to finish the working day. Larger chain retailers are constantly looking for reliable part time employees and students should look at offering their services to shops in the vicinity. In all likelihood, the business in question has a significant student customer base and student salespeople will relate well with their clientele.

Part Time Student Business

Sometimes starting your own part time business as a student can be the beginning of “big things”. It will require some degree of innovation on your part as you do not have the capital or time to invest fully into a business. But it does not have to be a complex operation. A simple babysitting or dog walking service, shopping for the elderly, cleaning pools on evenings and weekends or offering after hours maid services are some of the simple business models that may be in demand. If you have some skill, even without a qualification to back it, then you can find better business job opportunities especially if you prepare to offer cheaper services and products that full time businesses in the area.

Finding Student Jobs in South Africa

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