Dubai has been a hot spot for job seekers over the past 20 years as the allure of a tax free income and generous salaries draws workers from across the globe. As with any place that has so much to offer, there is a lot of competition for those wanting to find a job in Dubai. However, for South African doctors and nurses, teachers and I.T. professionals, there is still a demandĀ  for these skills in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a whole.

Finding A Job in Dubai

While Dubai is one of the more liberal countries in the Middle East, there are rules and regulations that have to be followed. Some of these can be quite complex and if you are looking for a job in Dubai, it is best to go through an agency. Many South Africans try to cross over to Dubai on a holiday visa in order to find a job and then apply for a work visa but in Dubai, this may not work. Getting stuck in a country like Dubai without the proper paperwork can put you in a compromising situation and the authorities have little sympathy for illegal workers. South African agencies specialising in overseas work opportunities are your best bet or even use an overseas agency, in countries like the UK, in order to find a job in Dubai.

HIV Positive Workers

Most Middle East countries have strict rules about HIV positive foreigners entering and staying in their country. Once you enter the country for a work opportunity, you may be subjected to an HIV test and if you are positive, you could be deported. Even though this is unconstitutional in South Africa, our labour laws and constitutional rights have no bearing in DubaiĀ  and could prove to be a major inconvenience and costly exercise if you are HIV-positive. It is best to speak to your agency about these aspects before you apply for a job.

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Tax Free Income in Dubai

Everybody knows that Dubai and the UAE are some of the only places in the world where you can expect a top dollar salary which is tax free. However, Dubai has been charging foreigners working in the country with a range of levies for residence and services which could cost you a pretty penny. While this is not labeled as a tax, it will still cost you to live and work in the country. Once again, your agency can advise you on what you should expect when working in the UAE.

Hotel and Hospitality Jobs in Dubai

Apart from the medical, education and I.T. sectors, Dubai is constantly recruiting trained and experienced individuals in the hospitality industry. Dubai is dependent on the tourism trade now that oil is not its major commodity. With some of the best hotels in the world and an economy built for tourism, there used to be an abundance of hospitality jobs in Dubai. This has reduced after the 2008 recession but is once again picking up and South Africans, with their strong work ethic and English skills, are in demand. Unlike hotel jobs in South Africa, Dubai hotels will not take in unskilled foreigners who can work their way up. The demand for positions in Dubai means that skilled professionals from other countries would be prepared to work for a trainee’s salary so you will need an impressive CV with relevant experience and qualifications if you want to compete.

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