Call centre jobs have become a popular choice for first time job seekers as most offer in-house training and do not require candidates to have any work experience. Broadly there are two types of call centre jobs available in South Africa based on your core duties – sales and support. It is important to speak to your prospective employer and thoroughly understand your job duties as well as the method of remuneration before you accept the position.

Sale Call Centre Jobs

Getting a job in a call centre for sales is usually easier than landing a support job. Here the call centre recruits job seekers, provides some basic training on sales and telephone etiquette and you are good to go. You will be provided with a consumer database list where unsuspecting consumers are called (cold calling) and introduced to a product or service.Due to the Freedom on Information Act, call centres are allowed to purchase consumer mailing/telephone lists and bombard consumers with unsolicited phone calls. So you can expect your fair share of irate customers.

Not surprising though that these jobs are usually low paying and you will have to make a certain number of sales in a month before you qualify for commission. Most of these call centre jobs involve selling insurance, timeshare or store credit. These types of call centres are not demanding in the personnel they hire. However they usually have a difficulty in retaining staff over the long term.

The salary varies but you are looking at a basic salary of R2,000 to R4,000 per month with commission. You will only qualify for commission once you reach a monthly threshold.

Support Call Centre Jobs

These are usually the call centre job that most job seekers are hoping for. In this scenario, the call centre is servicing either their own clientele or that of another company. You have to assist callers with information on troubleshooting and provide customer support in general. While most of what you need to know and say is provided in the training or on-screen, you will still need to have some basic knowledge or experience in the field.

Support call centre jobs are usually not as stressful as sales call centre jobs. While you will face the odd irate customer, most just need advice and guidance about the product or service. In the event that the situation is too complicated for you to handle, you will then direct the client to the technical support team or a senior staff member.

Medical aid call, insurance and bank call centresĀ  are other examples of support based call centre jobs.

The salary varies but you can expect to earn between R4,000 to R8,000 per month depending on the individual company, location and any other qualifications that are required. There is usually no commission but you will qualify for employee benefits once you are a full time staff member.

Call Centre Jobs in South Africa

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