If you have been called in for an interview, you are one step closer to landing the job than the hundreds of other applicants who had their CV or resume thrown in the trash. You may not definitely hook the job after the interview, and sometimes you may be called for a second, follow up interview but the fact that you were short listed for an interview is a good sign. It is important to remember that an interview is not entirely about what you say or how much you know and many other aspects play a part in securing a job.

Physical Appearance

This is one of the most important aspects for any job candidate to consider when going for an interview. Walking in with jeans and a t-shirt when the interviewers are dressed up formally in business suits will make you feel awkward and reflect poorly upon you. If you are serious about the job, dress seriously, even if it is conservative and boring. Women planning to wear revealing or sexy clothing with the belief that flashing a little flesh may give them an advantage may be in for a surprise. With more women in the upper echelons of the corporate environment, you may have another woman interviewing you and she will definitely be unimpressed by your trashy dressing. Remember that her opinion counts and even the secretary sitting in on an interview may seem like she is just taking notes but their is a chance that your prospective boss may ask for her opinion after the interview.

If you are a guy who prefers a more rough and tough look, remember that while the ladies may like the look, other men are usually unimpressed. Shave the two day old stubble, remove the body piercings and comb down that mohawk. Appear professional and serious and once you land the job, you can go back to your macho look if your employer permits.

Health and Well being

Looking clean and healthy is as important as dressing up neatly and professionally. If you come across as being unfit, having difficult walking or breathing or constantly coughing and wiping that runny nose, you will not come across as a candidate that can truly be an asset to the company. No employer wants to hire a person who will have a heart attack after a few months or take too many sick days. Shape up, look healthy or at least play the part. If you are a smoker, make sure that your dark lips and nicotine stained teeth are not too obvious. An employee that pops out every few minutes for a puff will not be useful to the company.

Research the Company and People

Learn about your employer, the business and other people in the company. Whether you undertake a quick reconnaissance mission and scout out the company and its employees prior to the interview or you opt to study it further online, having some background information on the company and its people can be advantageous. You will feel more comfortable when walking into the premises, rather than going to a strange place. It will also prevent any mishap where you get lost trying to find the offices and pitching up late for the inteview. Researching the company and its people will allow you to show that you know who’s who and what’s what and you will come across as both confident and a ‘fast learner’. Even a simple measure like being able to pronounce the oddly spelled name of the managing director shows that you are attentive and capable.

Basic Tips for a Job Interview

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