South Africans Going To Work In Another Country

Working abroad will always have its allure. A foreign land, earning in pounds or dollars and enjoying life in a developed country are some of the reasons why South Africans may be considering leaving South Africa to work abroad. But be careful about the promises of overseas jobs. It is not always what its cracked up to be, especially since 2008. The reality is that the world is in a recession, not just the United States and a few European countries. High paying jobs are few and far between these days and all too often South Africans find themselves in a foreign land suffering to make a living. However, this is not to say that it does not have its distinct advantages and benefits.


Life After Matric : Work, Study or Gap Year

Finishing matric is an achievement, especially if you are walking away with an exemption in your hand. But it is also the start of your life. School groomed and prepared you. Now it is time to face the real world. Deciding on what you should do after matric is dependent on a number of factors with finances and career ambitions being the two more important aspects. When there are options then it is time to seriously think about the road you should tread. For lucky matriculants it is a matter of choosing between working, furthering your studies or taking a gap year. Each has its pros and cons.


Tough Labour Laws Can Promote Business Innovation

South Africa has become well known for its labour issues – strike season, wildcat strike, violent protests and above-inflation demands. Workers and labour unions often do not realise the impact that they have on business although their demands are sometimes justified. Contrary to the warnings and threats from established businesses, they are unlikely to shut down altogether.

Restructuring, retrenchments and cost cutting are more likely outcomes leading to smaller operations that can be profitable. However, it is the workers that will ultimately suffer – not all, but a good portion of the newcomers and unskilled employees who lose their jobs and are largely unemployable in the competitive South African market.


Can You Earn A Living By Working From Home?

South Africans are just as keen to explore opportunities that will allow them to work and earn from home. Unfortunately, as a nation they have been fairly late in getting started particularly when it comes to online business and internet-based jobs. In recent years the online marketplace has been flooded by cheap and skilled labour from Asia which further hampers the ability of South Africans to earn a meaningful living from a piece of the online pie. Difficult but not impossible.

So what exactly is this buzz about working from home? The ads seem to be everywhere throughout the internet but what does it entail and is it a scam? Before delving specifically into the online opportunities, let’s look at working from home in its entirety.


Finding Student Jobs in South Africa

If you are looking for part time job in South Africa as a student, you need to be a little innovative if you want to extend beyond the traditional waiter and bar keep jobs. Students are constantly searching for part time employment and the student job market is understandably competitive. Pay rates are low and labour law often flies out of the window when employers consider giving students part time jobs. Consider the fact that the unemployment rate is so high in South Africa, over 25% of the working population is unemployed, and finding decent part time work as a student seems like a difficult undertaking.


Computer Literacy Tips for the Workplace

In this day and age of technology, if you do not have at least some computer skills you are somewhat obsolete in any office or sales job, let alone managerial positions. The reality is that most employers will be using a computer for at least part of their operation with many companies relying to a very large degree on technology.If you do not have the computer skills to keep in line with the business processes then you may be more of a hindrance than an asset to your employer. But just what computer skills are necessary for the workplace? You are never going to need to know in-depth programming unless you are in the IT field but you should be computer literate.


No Work No Pay Meaning and Implications for Workers

South Africa has some of the toughest labour laws in the world and workers are well protected against any sort of abuse or exploitation. This often works against employers, especially small to medium enterprises that do not have the time or money to battle employees in court. However, it is important for workers to realise that the law does not allow them to do as they please and employers do not live in fear of taking action against wayward workers. If you are not towing the line then expect to face your employer’s ire by the way of a warning letter or application of the “no work no pay” principle.


Company Medical Aid Benefits, Pros and Cons for Employees

Company Medical Aid with a Job

Medical expenses are a concern for every person. South Africa’s public health system leaves a lot to be desired and private health care in the country is expensive, to say the least. Most of us cannot afford more than a few days of hospitalisation with medical care from specialists. Many cannot even afford the deposit to be admitted to a hospital.  Medical aid is the only option for the average earning citizen to access private health services.

While any person is allowed to join a medical in South Africa, irrespective of whether they are employed or not, these financial products are also quite pricey. The offering of a medical aid by an employer can therefore make all the difference.


Difficulty Finding a Job Common Reasons

Difficulty securing employment is not only an issue in South Africa. Employment problems are an issue the world over and more significant in countries with poor economic growth. South Africa has not been enjoying the same economic growth as many of its counterparts in Asia but still has a robust economy. The bigger issue with finding a job in South Africa is the lack of skills. Jobs for professionals in most sectors of industry are fairly easily available although many candidates decline offers due to salary packages that may not meet their demands or having to relocate to other cities. However, it is largely the unskilled and semi-skilled workers that may find difficulty with getting a job easily.


Cost to Company (CTC) Meaning for Net Salary

What does cost to company (CTC) mean?

The abbreviation CTC is often seen next to  the stated salary package (remuneration) for the job opening being advertised. It stands for cost-to-company and simply means that this is the total amount that an employer is prepared to pay for the employee and includes all benefits.

Those that are new to the job market can find this quite misleading and be surprised to find that their net salary is significantly less than the initial remuneration advertised. However, it is a way of the employer stating that this is the only amount available in the budget for the employee and all associated benefits. Some deductions are mandatory while others are optional and many companies are flexible with the way the final package is structured provided that it does not exceed the CTC amount stated at the outset.